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"I really like Period Panteez, especially with being a dancer! I felt relieved and comfortable! Period Panteez really kept me protected! Worth it!" ~ Tara, Hamilton

"It's great to have a guaranteed shield against staining. I have stained so many clothes, etc. before Period Panteez. I like the black color of the Period Panteez, too. Black is the ideal color for the product." ~ Rachel, Cincinnati

"The design and snug fit of Period Panteez really helps keep everything in place (while on my period), which can be difficult otherwise. I have juvenile arthritis and Period Panteez helped a lot with my cramps. Period Panteez are definitely worth the money!" ~ Elizabeth, Clifton

"Period Panteez provided excellent protection from leakage while I was running errands, lounging around, and sleeping. Period Panteez make me feel more secure when menstruating, no panty liners needed. I think Period Panteez would be great for someone exercising, since exercise is such a big thing right now." ~ Ashley, Indian Springs

"Period Panteez holds overnight pads securely to prevent leakage. I am a tampon wearer but because of my knowledge of TSS, I do not want to wear them at night. No product or pad I have tried has guaranteed me a good and peaceful night's sleep, until Period Panteez!" ~ Linda, West Chester

"Period Panteez are comfortable and good to sleep in! They helped increase my feeling of security tremendously!" ~ Julie, Cincinnati

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Testimonial about Period Panteez from TJ's "Measuring Flower" blog/review site:

"The Period Panteez have extra layers of padding in the center, right where the flow happens, which prevents flow from leaking through to my clothes or my sheets." ~ TJ

"The snug fit of the Period Panteez helps towards keeping my cloth pads in place, which is a tremendous help since cloth pads do often tend to 'slip' more than disposable pads." ~ TJ

Testimonial about Period Panteez from Shelly's "Shelly's Bits and Pieces" blog/review site:

"Period Panteez are very comfortable and they do a great job in keeping me clean during my periods. I used to hate mornings during my periods because I would usually wake up to a mess, but since I received the Period Panteez, I have not had that problem. I have asked for several more pairs because they are comfy and once you try them, you will not want to take them off!" ~ Kat, Shelly's Daughter

Testimonial about Period Panteez from Christy Breazeal's "My Subscription Box Addition" blog/review site:

Here are just some of Christy's comments:

"I have been wearing them for 4 days and I haven't messed up one pair of panties, haven't had an accident on my pants, wake up in the morning with clean sheets and nightgown."

"[Period Panteez] hold pads and pantyliners in place unbelievably well."

"Triple thick boy shorts that are cute, comfy, and double as shapewear!"

"For years, I bought Bladder panties for urine leaks when I was on my cycle so that I would not mess up my panties and it was better for keeping pads in place and harder to mess up your clothes."

And some comments from her readers:

"These look great! I wish I had these after giving birth to my babies, but would like to try them for periods too." ~ Valerie E.

"It sounds like a great idea, and frankly, who wouldn't want to get rid of the ugly granny panties." ~ Krista G.

Testimonial about Period Panteez from Larisha's "We're Parents!?" blog/review site:

"I had enough to worry about with taking a newborn in public without the embarrassment of leaking through my pads and this product definitely helped a lot." ~ Larisha C.

Testimonial about Period Panteez from Hayley's "Hanging Off the Wire" blog/review site:

"[Period Panteez] are really durable. The product did the trick and the panties are fashionable as well." ~ Hayley K.

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